Hey, you may think I'm a supermodel.  You can tell I'm not by the size of my hands. You can be assured I'm just like you; I wear red, white and blue boxers - not panties. I'm just a hard working over the road trucking guy like you: a road warrior making it happen for my family and America. I'm all about feeding my family and feeding America! I work hard and play hard. Trucking from coast to coast hauling frac sand for the oil fields, cement and lime for the concrete industry, plastic pellets for the injection mold industry, or flower and grain in food grade tankers, is the back bone of our country. Honesty and integrity are what freedom was fought for by our vets like myself. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force like many of you! I drive big rig trucks, just like you. I got tired of busting my back and knuckles opening that darn ornery truck hatch. I heard a lot of other truckers saying what a pain in the _____ this is! We all ask “Why doesn't someone think of something that will help us? We need help out here to protect our safety and do our job better!” Then the idea came to me one day. Wow, I thought, how simple. Well, it wasn't so simple getting all that metal formed just the right way so that the same tool could open and shut that latch. But, my good friend, Greg, and I just kept on work on it until it worked. Hey, you don't see busted knuckles in that video, do you? Using the Hatch Latch tool has made life easier! Oh, I busted a few developing this tool when trying to find just the right fit to make it work but it was worth it to help my road buddies like you!

After we got the Hatch Latch® tool working, we had to team up with one of best darn patent and trademark attorneys in the country. He's on the working man's side. A hard working man himself with a big firm interested in protecting us little guys with a big idea. Hey, I'm keeping this American made, too! We ALL need to feed our families. We can proudly say Made In America!

Hope to see you sometime soon when I'm delivering a load or just fueling up myself and my big rig, too. Be sure to slap me on the back and say you are on our team making America better! Hey, hang in there ya'll. We are the back bone of this country! You know it and I know it.  Your friend, Trucker Bob.