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How can I view my previous orders? 

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How can I change the email address on my account?

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How can I change the billing or shipping address I have on file?

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How is the Hatch Latch Tool Shipped?

Shipping is accomplished with United States Postal Service and charged by the Zip Code, along with a tracking number you will know when you Hatch Latch Tool will arrive!

What Are Other Uses For The Hatch Latch Tool ?

Open and close most over center Chain Binders!

Open and Close Latches on Most Shipping containers!

Knock the Ice and Snow off of your tire chains that are hanging on the side of your Pneumatic trailer frame before you chain up!

Does the Hatch Latch Tool Work on All Pneumatic trailers with manual latches?


Beall Pneumatic trailer by Wabash National Corp.

B.T.L. Bulk Tank, Inc Trailers 

HEIL Trailer

LBT Inc. Pneumatic trailers By Remcor Group

Mac Trailer

Polar Pneumatic Trailer by Polar Corporation

Stephens Pneumatic Trailer

Vantage Trailers Inc. 

Beall Aluminum Dry Bulk Trailers

What Products do they haul in a Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer

Frac Sand for Oil well Industry

Cement for the Concrete Industry

Fly Ash for the Concrete Industry

Lime for the Concrete Industry

Plastic pellets for the Injection molding Industry